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About the Alumni Association

The Aoyama Business School Alumni Association (ABS ALUMNI) was established in March 2007 as an official alumni association affiliated with the Aoyama Gakuin Alumni Association.

The Association has three main features:

  • To enhance ABS value through the actions of the alumni.
  • To have a place for continued personal growth and learning even after graduation.
  • To participate in networks that transcend generations and industries.

These features are utilized in a wide range of online and offline activities that transcend the boundaries between current students and alumni. Students are welcome to join as Alumni members from the time they enroll in the University.

The official ABS ALUMNI directory system TSUNAGU has also been established for alumni, current students, and faculty. You can search for alumni by year of enrollment, business category, etc., and keep in touch with them. You can also use the ABS Network while you are still a student by using your own profile page, e-mail magazine, business communication bulletin board, and other functions.

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Main Activities:

General Meeting and Homecoming Day

Keynote speech and reception

Aoyama Gakuin University Alumni Festival

Public lectures, panel discussions, etc.

ALUMNI Lectures

Open seminars open to alumni and the general public

Study groups and networking by business category, job title, and area of expertise

Meeting attended by faculty, current students, alumni, and industry professionals

Social mixer for current students and alumni

Monthly morning study group‘Ichigo-kai’on the 15th of every month, job hunting seminars for international students, etc.

Participation in events sponsored by current students and support for setting up stalls at the University Festival

Aoyama Gakuin Festival Donut Project, etc.

Hobby groups, volunteer work, sports, BBQs and other community activities

ABS Charity Run! etc.