Mission and Strengths

An overview of the advantages and offerings of Aoyama Business School, which strives to be a business school leader both intellectually and emotionally

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ABS Creative Activities

We at ABS are actively promoting creative activities to create new businesses, products, and initiatives with the aim of nurturing creative leaders who will play an active role in society in the 2020s. We will start by describing our efforts in the areas of sports and fashion, as well as in our local communities.


Located in Aoyama, a booming center for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the 2022 Rugby World Cup, ABS has been working creatively in terms of business marketing and human resource development for the sports community, given the University's authorization to promote the Japanese NCAA Project by the Japan Sports Agency.


ABS focuses on creating new businesses, including next-generation fashion lifestyles and the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology), by expanding connections with creators, designers and apparel companies, taking advantage of Aoyama's location and tradition as the center of the fashion industry in Japan.

Local Communities

ABS is building relationships in the realms of business, society, and education with regions throughout Japan that aim to create and enhance their regional value, as well as with other advanced areas overseas. In the future, we aim to function further as a hub for the creative activities among cities and regions, in both Japan and overseas, as well as among large corporations and emerging entrepreneurs.