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Eiji Kinouchi

Chief Technical Analyst at Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.

Business Analysis and Fund Management Simulation

On Wednesday, June 26, 2024, the "Business Analysis and Fund Management Simulation" class (taught by Professor Mitsuru Morita, Visiting Professor Takaaki Yoshino, and Assistant Professor Eiji Ohashi) invited a guest lecturer: Eiji Kinouchi, the Chief Technical Analyst at Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. The lecture was titled "Tech Boom to Continue Until the Middle of Next Year."

Based on his extensive knowledge, Mr. Kinouchi explained the short- and long-term economic cycles, the background and ideas for understanding market conditions, and notable industry sectors and themes for investment. The lecture was lively, with many questions from the students.

In the first semester of the "Business Analysis and Fund Management Simulation" class, students work in groups to build portfolios. Students were able to hear helpful information that can be used in this process.

企業分析とファンド・マネジメント・シミュレーション 講義の様子1
企業分析とファンド・マネジメント・シミュレーション 講義の様子2