広瀬 彩非常勤講師(株式会社トビラボCEO)、 須田 真魚非常勤講師(株式会社トビラボ講師)、黒岩 健一郎教授

広瀬 彩非常勤講師、須田 真魚非常勤講師、黒岩 健一郎教授の新著『ビジネスに効く!演劇アプローチ: 組織の活力を取り戻す「共感」「身体」「即興」』が出版されました



Benefits for business! Theatrical Approach: Empathy, Physicality, and Improvisation to restore the vitality of your organization.

Aya Hirose (CEO, TobeLABO Inc. / Adjunct Instructor, ABS), Mao Suda (Instructor, TobeLABO Inc. / Adjunct Instructor, ABS), Kenichiro Kuroiwa

Based on the popular "Theatre Approach to Business" course offered at ABS, this book explains the theatrical approach and why it is useful for business. Specifically, an actual stage actor explains the techniques for gaining the perspective of others, which are taught at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and demonstrates how the three concepts of empathy, physicality, and improvisation that are enhanced by the theatrical approach.

The book explains the benefits of the theater approach in "communication, presentation," "sales, service, and marketing," "product and service development," "business development," "penetration of corporate philosophy, founding spirit, and purpose," and "response to changes in the business environment.

The book also reveals the content of its usefulness in ''responding to change'' scenarios. We also reveal the content of work done in business schools and corporate training programs. Finally, we feature the interviews with NEC employees who have implemented corporate training to confirm why companies need the theater approach.