中塚 昭宏准教授が副査を担う研究プロジェクトの講演会のご案内

中塚 昭宏准教授

中塚 昭宏准教授

中塚 昭宏准教授(青山学院大学持続的サプライチェーン研究所(CSSC)副所長)が副査を担う日本経営工学会の研究プロジェクト「SCM業務プロセスにおける意思決定と生産管理との統合システム構築に関する研究」が講演会を企画しました。日時は2月22日(木)の13時から17時、開催方法はオンラインです。講師の方は、実務家や海外の大学教員です。講演会の詳細やお申込みに関しましては、下記のURLをご確認ください。無料でご参加いただけます。


Lecture on the Research Project for which Associate Professor Akihiro Nakatsuka serves as Deputy Director.

Associate Professor Akihiro Nakatsuka, Deputy Director of the Center for Sustainable Supply Chain (CSSC), Aoyama Gakuin University, has organized a lecture meeting for the research project named "Research on the Construction of an Integrated System of Decision Making and Production Management in SCM Business Processes," which is conducted by the Japan Industrial Management Association (JIMA). The date and time is February 22 (Thursday), from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and the session will be held online. The lecturers will be practitioners and faculty members from universities abroad. For details and registration, please refer to the following URL. The event is free of charge.