Advanced Corporate Communication (ACC)


ACC invites the experts from both industry and academic for each module. ACC have modules for extensive fields in reporting and corporate communications to be a professionals with the expertise of the fields of corporate communications. These fields include Investor Relations (IR), Financial Analysis, Corporate Governance, Public Relations (PR), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), Integrated Reporting, GRI, TCFD, ATMF, ESG, role of Chief Financial Officer, and SDGs. ACC delivers not only the lectures from these experts but also provides the opportunity to discuss with these professionals to deep the knowledge and skills so that participants from the industry could effectively communicate with investors as well as investors could understand how they could communicate with corporate managers to improve the corporate value.

As a first module of investor relations, we invited Ms. Yoshiko Sato of Secretary General at Japan Investor Relations Association. She delivered a lecture on the basic in IR, advanced and recent topics in IR. Students are interested in how IR could improve the corporate value. 2nd half of the lecture was group discussion on the Sony's IR strategy and its implications from the stock prices.

We will have one more session by Ms. Sato next week.

Thank you very much for the valuable and fruitful lectures and discussions.