New values, new challenges, to become active in Japan



Why I applied for a MBA

After I had graduated Japanese Major from Khon Kaen University in Thailand, I worked as an interpreter and overseas sales at food company for a short-term. At that time, I had an opportunity to learn marketing from both works. For that reason, I began to interest in marketing from that time on. Then, I recognized it was time to learn more knowledges and skills to expand my value and to challenge something new as well. Therefore, I decided to study MBA as my new goal.

There are two reasons for choosing ABS. One is that there are subjects to learn basic knowledge in each field of management, meanwhile designed the program that could flexible depend on our interest in various fields. Second, there are two programs setting, full-time course and flex-time course that welcome everyone even if have not an experience in work. Moreover, able to create connection with many people in the various business through the classes at ABS. Therefore, I thought it was an opportunity to learn the way business people think meanwhile could find new value of me.

My life as an international student

A first year at ABS, I just came to Japan and not familiar with life in Japan yet at that time meanwhile there are many mathematical subjects and technical terms of MBA that was very tough time for me. Therefore, I always study at school after class with my friends who support and cheer me up through the hardest time. It was one thing that made me feel thankful to enroll in ABS. Besides, there are many events that full-time, flex-time and professors will take part, so I could feel lucky to surround with talent and kindness people.

For me who only interested in marketing at first, I could get the knowledge of each business field and able to improve social skills through group work or cultural exchange with people in various backgrounds at the same time.

What I will do after my MBA graduation

After graduation, I decided to work in Japan. The knowledge of MBA that I learned here and the diversity environment, I would like to apply this knowledge and skills meanwhile have an international perspective working as a global member for the very soon future career.