修了生の渡部 賢さん(株式会社Atona)がラグジュアリー温泉旅館「吾汝 ATONA」立ち上げに執行役員COOとして参画しトークセッションに登壇

2024年5月27日にプレスリリースされました、ハイアット初の温泉旅館「吾汝 ATONA」にCOOとして立ち上げに参画されていた渡部賢さん(2024年3月イブニングコース修了)がプレス向けトークセッションに登壇されました。

温泉を軸に「地域ならでは」の体験を提供するハイアット初の旅館「吾汝 ATONA」



渡部 賢さん

Satoshi Watanabe, a graduate of ABS and COO of Atona Co., Ltd., who participated in the launch of the luxury hot spring ryokan ATONA, spoke at a press talk session.

Mr. Satoshi Watanabe, who graduated from the ABS Evening Course in March 2024 and served as the COO during the launch of Hyatt's first hot spring ryokan, ATONA, which was announced via press release on May 27, 2024, spoke at a press talk session.


Later, he shared the following comments regarding his learning experience at ABS:
"Since the inception of Atona Co., Ltd. in 2022, I have been engaged in shaping its operational strategy as one of the founding members, a commitment that began during my tenure at ABS. Despite the immense challenge of balancing studies and work, handling both simultaneously enabled me to seamlessly integrate my academic knowledge into strategic planning and gain real-time insights into operational systems, thus maximizing the value of my education at ABS. Courses such as finance, service marketing, operations management, and regional revitalization marketing had separate academic goals aimed at earning credits. However, at some point, I realized in the practical business setting that 'everything I learned at ABS formed a coherent whole, connecting all the dots.'

Once again, I believe that the goal at ABS should extend beyond obtaining an MBA degree; it should encompass the ability to interpret academic learning within the context of real-world business challenges and integrate academic theories with personal experiences to refine and apply new business skills.”

Satoshi Watanabe