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Faculty Members

Name Field of specialty

Kenji Fujii History of Economic Thought

Yoshitaka Fukui Economic analysis of Accounting Institution and Information

Takamichi Hosoda Operations Management

Hatsuyoshi Ichino Financial Accounting, Tax Accounting

Masayuki Ida Information Systems and their Global Deployment

Chiaki Iwai Management Game, Internet Marketing

Tetsuo Kitagawa Capital Market

Takao Kobayashi Finance, Game Theory

Sachiko Matsuura Brand Strategy, Advertising & Communication Strategy

Glenn E. Mayhew Pricing, Consumer behavior, Choice models, Customer lifetime value models

Kenshi Miyazoe Marketing, Retail Strategy

Tsutomu Nakano Organization and Strategy, Global Management, and Network Analysis

Munenori Nakasato Finance

Kosuke Nishitani Christian Social Ethics, Business Ethics in a Christian Perspective

Masayuki Sakakibara Accounting Information and Stock Market

Toshiko Suda Human Resource Management

Fumio Takahashi Corporate Finance, Investments

Sumihiro Takeda Finance

Tatsuo Ushijima Strategic Management, Managerial Economics

Associate Professors
Name Field of specialty

Mitsuru Morita Econometrics

Naohiro Sawada Strategic Management, Organization Theory

Assistant Professors
Name Field of specialty

Fumiko Nagoya Software Engineering

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